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Throughout centuries of its existence, the gambling industry has suffered from numerous painful blows of anti-gambling groups. They say that gambling is a venue for organized crimes. They also say that gambling is the root of evil, that it results to broken families and even suicides. Gambling has also been blamed for the increase in crime rates and increase in drug and alcohol addiction of the public.

However, the gambling industry tried to just shake the all off. It even has continued to be of service to the people.

How has gambling helped us all these years?

Gambling has long been a source of income for many families, and I am not only talking about families of professional gamblers. How about the casino employees? Do they not earn a living because of gambling? Year after year, the gambling industry gives jobs to the people, and helped them live a more dignified life.

Gambling has also entertained people for generations. When more gambling games are invented, there are more people that will be entertained. When the gambling industry expands its gambling houses, there are more places for lonely people to go to for entertainment.

Gambling is an exciting form of entertainment, and it has also been the cornerstone of socialization. You get to meet a lot of new people when you play in gambling houses, people who share the same interests with you.

The gambling industry has also worked with many charitable institutions to help those who are in need. There is a trend today in which celebrities are made to play gambling games for charity. This technique proves to be successful. We all know just how everybody loves celebrities.

Gambling is also good for your health because you get to exercise your mind a little, sometimes more. This is ideal for senior citizens who have lots of free time. When we get old and retire, our mind should not stop working or else, we will slowly die, out of boredom and lack of goal. Gambling indeed provides a new goal for our elderly brothers and sisters.

Therefore, we can conclude that what we do with gambling is definitely our choice. If we become addicted to gambling, nobody else could be blamed for that but us. Thus, people should stop spreading rumors about gambling. These people should stop blaming the gambling industry, and instead try to open their eyes a little bit to the real world of gambling.

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