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Bear Saunters into Lake Tahoe Casino

The phrase "truth in advertising" was played out quite literally as a scene in a Lake Tahoe casino's commercial was translated to real life.

MontBleu Resort Casino recently came out with a television commercial where a cocktail waitress saunters past the guests in the lounge, then throws a fresh fish to a waiting bear.

Oddly enough, early Saturday saw a reenactment of the scene, as a 150-pound yearling walked around employee hallways of the MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa and walked over to a cafeteria before it hurriedly retreated the way in as it was frightened off by several workers, according to employee Earl Seller. The bear came in through a rear loading dock.

"Evidently the bears out there heard the story that bears can be fed at the nightclub at MontBleu," Zeller said, referring to the humorous commercial. "I guess we reached our target audience."

Management recognized the need for better security because of the incident, but for the most part, the scene was a source of shocked amusement between employees. General Manager Patrick Basney said the employees got a laugh, but recognized the "need to secure our area a little better."

Montbleu Resort Casino and Spa is the former Caesars Tahoe.

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